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Birthday wishes to niece from uncle
January 07, 2019 1st Anniversary Wishes 2 comments

Here are some greetings for nieces of all ages that are guaranteed to put a smile on their faces and make Love from your favorite 'fun' uncle!.

Nothing will make your niece feel special and loved on her birthday than getting her message from her Favorite aunty or uncle ( that is you ), we know she’ll feel on top of the world and obviously would be the happiest person on earth to know you really care about her day.

Nieces are indirectly like a daughter to you, and they are meant to be showered with so much love and care especially on their birthday, if you’re here thinking of the perfect thing to say to your niece to show her uncle or aunty really cares then we are here to help you and inspire you.

We have compile messages and wishes for that your sweet niece that would show her you really care about how and tell her how sweet she is especially on her day.

Below are our short and long happy birthday wishes for that sweet niece of yours:

1: To my darling niece on her birthday. I wish you all the best on your special day and blessings for the year ahead. Happy Birthday!

2: It seems only yesterday that you were just a little girl. We are so proud of the woman you have become. Blessings on your birthday and for the year ahead.

3: It is your birthday. I hope that all of your wishes come true, those that you make today and those that you make in the future.

4: Happy Birthday, niece. Of all my nieces, you are my very favorite. Please don’t tell your sisters or your cousins. Have a great day and a wonderful year ahead.

5: To my sweet little niece on her birthday. May your day be filled with cake, ice cream, and your favorite toys. Have a great day.

6: It’s your birthday again. Every time I see you, I cannot believe how much you have grown. I know you are tired of hearing that, but just wait, you will be saying that yourself someday. Have a great day and a wonderful year ahead.

7: Happy Birthday, dear niece. From a sweet little girl, you are growing into a beautiful and remarkable woman. I am so proud of you. May all of your dreams come true, today and always.

8: I remember when you were born and how excited I was to have a niece. Now, you are all grown up, and I am still excited. I am proud of the woman that you have become. Happy Birthday, dear niece.

9: Who would have thought that my brother could have created something so wonderful? You are the best niece ever. Happy Birthday, and blessings for the year ahead.

10: Thank you for spending time with your crazy old aunt. You have become quite a lovely young woman. Blessings to you on your birthday and in the year to come.

11: Another birthday has come. You have grown from a little girl that I babysat and played with to a dear friend that I can talk to about anything. Happy Birthday, dear niece. Blessings for the year to come.

12: Happy Birthday, my dear niece. Congratulations on being old enough to drive. Be careful as you make your way in the world. I love you. Blessings for the year ahead.

13: Dear niece, you are now officially an adult. I wish you all of the best as you step out into the world. May all of your dreams come true. Happy Birthday!

14: My dear niece, you have grown into a strong and talented young woman. I am so very proud of you. I hope that you have a wonderful birthday and a fabulous year to come.

15: It is rare that a family member is also a friend. Yet, that is how I feel about you. I am so happy that you are my niece. Happy Birthday and blessings for the year to come.

16: Sending you my best wishes for a Happy Birthday and a blessed and prosperous year ahead. You are my dear niece, and I love you.

17: Dear niece, you bring happiness to people and most important to me and to this family at large, we are so happy and lucky to have a beautiful soul like you. Happy birthday niece.

18: Sending you this birthday wishes to help you lighten your day and make you feel loved in all ways, hope you have a day as stunning and beautiful as you’re my sweet nice. Happy birthday.

19: Hey cutie, I don’t need to remind you that you’re beautiful and that you shine more radiantly than a sun, as you make another year today sunshine, don’t stop shining. Happy birthday sunshine.

20: Dear niece, congratulations on your day today and to all your achievements dear, the sky is your starting point and continue to soar high. Happy birthday lovely niece.

21: Dear niece, your existence brings a smile on our face and on your day today, we pray you never stop existing, I wish you length of years and more fulfilled years ahead. Happy birthday.

22: You’ve grown to be an outstanding woman and I’m very proud to call you my niece, I can’t really explain how proud I am to have you. Love you lots niece and I wish you length of years.

23: Happy birthday my beautiful niece, I’m always overwhelm by your beauty and the woman you’ve grown to be and I’m just proud of your outstanding qualities. I love you lots, have a blast.

Long Happy Birthday Messages, Wishes For Niece

1: Cakes would finish, drinks would finish, friends would go home but I hope you can always remember my wish and smile, I just want to let you know I’ll always be here for you. Happy birthday sweetie pie.

2: I was given the most precious gift anyone can ever think of, it’s neither diamond, gold nor pearl but a beautiful soul like you, I’m opportune to call you my niece and I have enjoyed every moment of it. I love you niece. Happy birthday.

3: Dear you’re a direct image of me and anytime I look at you I find my myself in you, I love your spirits because they’re like mine, on your birthday today I just want to wish you the best that you deserve and hope for. Happy birthday dearest niece.

4: I’m sending my love to be with you, my care when you need them, my shoulders to lean on and my unending happiness to be yours, you’re indeed a source of happiness to me. Love you dearly my niece, have a blast.

5: Dear niece you have such an amazing soul and if i could gift you anything, i would gift you the ability to see yourself through the eyes of others, you’re simply good at heart and I love you for that. Happy birthday darling niece.

6: Hey girl, it’s your day today, I’m so lucky to be celebrating this special being existence and my wish for you today is to never stop finding joy, do whatever that gives you joy and enjoy every bit of it. I do really care. Happy birthday darling niece.

7: Dear niece, your smile is my happiness and my happiness begins with your smile, so all I just want you to do today is keep smiling. Happy birthday sweet niece.

8: Dear sweet niece, don’t ever try to change anything about you because you’re perfect and amazing the way you’re, don’t try to ever be someone else my darling because you’re the sweetest being on earth. Happy birthday dear.

9: Hey pretty, I know I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I wish the direction of all happiness changes their direction towards you, may you forever be happy now and forever my sweetest niece. Happy birthday honey, enjoy your day with much happiness.

10: I’m the happiest person on earth today because someone I love so much and cherish was born today, every birthday of yours stand as a remembrance of the unending happiness I receive the day you were born. Happy birthday my happiness.

11: Hey niece, it’s your birthday today, no work, no stress, no mum’s nagging and no dad’s complaining, all we just want you to do is have enough fun and joy that you can get today and forever. Happy birthday my sweetest niece. I care and love you lots.

12: Hi pretty, I wish you had a remarkable year ahead and prospered more than anything else in this world. Hope you have your luck as a companion in all circumstances to make the journey of life worthwhile and blessed. Happy birthday beautiful.

13: To the world best niece, I wish the next 365 days of your life be the amazing days you’ve ever had, enjoy the life you’ve never had before and continue to stay in peace and joy. Happy birthday darling niece. Love you endlessly.

14: Dear niece, I know you can be naughty and mischievous at times but all in all , I know you have a very good heart, I just want to let you know no matter how naughty you can be, I still really do care and cherish you a lot. Happy birthday naughty niece. Enjoy your day.

15: Dear niece, my hopes and prayers today is for you to have an amazing and fun filled birthday, to enjoy every bit of it and to make the best memories that you can dear. Happy birthday sweetest niece.

16: To my sweetest niece, I pray all your dreams comes true and may you continue to find happiness in whatever you do, continue to soar high in the coming years, have a fantastic year ahead. Happy birthday niece.

17: Hey darling, it’s your own personal day in a 365 and I want you to have the best of it, rock and enjoy it, make a difference and paint the town red. Happy birthday world best niece. I love you lots.

18: Dear niece my Prayers today for you is that God will bless you with everything that you desire to have, will solve every problem in your life, and will give enough strength to fight against the odds. Wish you a very happy birthday dearest niece. Love you endlessly.

19: Dear niece, words cannot explain how fantastic you are, you’re the sunshine that shine through my heart deeply and making every part of me lighten up, you brought joy to our world and we are just lucky to have you. Happy birthday darling.

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Here are some greetings for nieces of all ages that are guaranteed to put a smile on their faces and make Love from your favorite 'fun' uncle!.

400+ Best Happy Birthday Niece Wishes, Quotes & Images

birthday wishes to niece from uncle

It’s lovely to have a niece as you get to enjoy their company without the responsibilities of being a parent. If you become a favorite aunt and uncle, you can develop a very close relationship with your sibling’s child.

The best thing you can do to celebrate her birthday is to send a special gift and message. Here are some ideas of “happy birthday my niece” wishes for her.


Special happy birthday wishes from an Aunt to her niece under 10


01I hope your birthday is a memorable one and that you get all your favorite gifts. You are a fantastic niece and I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday.



02Happy birthday my niece! You are such a sweet little girl and I hope you have an amazing birthday today.


03You are the best thing that ever happened to me and I just wanted to wish a happy birthday my niece. I am a proud aunt because you are such a source of brightness. Your smile lights up any room.
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04For my sweetest niece, happy birthday. I am the luckiest aunt for having you as a shining star in my life.


05May you follow your dreams as you begin a new year, dear niece. I want to remind you that I am proud of you for being such a wonderful girl.



06Happy birthday to my most favorite niece on earth. I hope you dream big and always follow your heart, to pursue your goals.


07I hope your birthday is amazing and you receive the best things in life. Your auntie is going to spoil you today with a huge birthday cake.


08May today and every day of your life be filled with happiness and blessings. You make the world more beautiful, happy birthday to my sweet niece.



Birthday wishes from an Aunt to her teenage niece


09To my lovely niece, happy birthday. You bring light and warmth wherever you go and as your aunt, I am privileged to know such a vibrant young girl



10How lucky I am to have you in my life?! I hope you know you are so precious to me, happy birthday niece.


11Niece, you have grown into a responsible teenager and I am proud of you for that. I am always a grateful aunt and wishing you a happy birthday.
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12Happy birthday my niece. You are a wonderful and caring young girl. Here is to wishing you a happy birthday, where you receive that you deserve.


13I hope you will have a fun and joyful day as you celebrate your birthday. I am such a proud aunt and I hope you will have blessings throughout the year.



14Happy birthday to the most fabulous niece on the planet. You have really grown up to become a beautiful young girl and I wish you a happy birthday my niece.


15Niece, your favorite aunt just wants to let you know that you are the sweetest. Today is your birthday so make sure to take this opportunity to do things that you love most.


16May this day be filled with all the wonderful things in your life, niece. Wishing you a wonderful day as you celebrate your birthday with family and friends.


17Sending special birthday wishes to my favorite niece. I’m happy that you are growing up into a caring young girl, have a happy celebration.



18Happy birthday to my charming niece. Today is a special day in your life, so have fun with friends.


Special happy birthday messages from an Aunt to her adult niece


19Happy birthday my niece on your special day and for achieving your goals. You were born to shine and the future looks bright for you.



20I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you a happy birthday, niece. You are a responsible woman and I am grateful to be called your aunt.


21Happy birthday, to the most wonderful woman, I know. [Name], have a scrumptious day full of happiness on this special day.
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22There is nothing as amazing as being an aunt to you, my generous niece. i hope today brings plenty of joy and fun as you celebrate your birthday.


23My lovely niece, you are an amazing and talented woman. You are a gift to this family and I wish you a beautiful happy birthday.



24Happy birthday to my wonderful niece. I hope you will pamper yourself and enjoy this day with your friends as you add another year.


25Nieces are always a special in families. You are the most special of all nieces, because you are mine! Go out and have fun on your birthday.


26Niece, you are an incredible woman. I wish you great health and blessings on your birthday and throughout the year because you deserve it.


Special happy birthday wishes from an Uncle to his niece under 10


27I am the happiest uncle on this planet because you make me smile so much. So, on your birthday, blow out those candles, make a wish, and I hope it comes true.



28It’s time to have fun with you, my charming niece, on your birthday. Today is a special day and I can’t wait to just celebrate you.


29Happy birthday, my niece, it’s a pleasure to watch you grow and enjoy life. I hope you will have a day full of fun and laughter.


30Happy birthday, my dear niece, you mean a lot to me and I am so proud to be your uncle. Have a blessed day.



31Happy birthday, my niece. I hope you will have the best birthday cake and enjoy it with all your friends when celebrating your birthday!


32Having you in my life has brought me joy because you are my special girl. I love your smile and beautiful laughter, happy birthday niece.
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33The world is beautiful because you are such an amazing niece. I wish you a lovely birthday and may the angels come your way.



34Dear niece, I wish you the same joy and happiness you have given me. You are an intelligent kid and wish you a lot of happiness on your birthday.


Wishes from an Uncle to his teenage niece


35I am so grateful for having an amazing niece like you. I want to send you the best wishes on your birthday. Celebrate in style.



36My dearest niece, you bring warmth and smiles into my life. Let this day be a reminder that you have dreams and goals to achieve, happy birthday my niece.


37Niece, I love you to the moon and back, and had no idea you would mean this much to me. Happy birthday to you!


38The relationship between us is all about smiles, laughs, and great times. Happy birthday my niece and enjoy the day.


39I wish, as you become a young woman, you get stronger and more confident as you face the world. May this day bring you lots of fun, happy birthday my niece.



40You are a young girl right now, but you have brought unbelievable amounts of happiness in your uncle’s life. I am proud of you, happy birthday niece.


41You are as intelligent as your mom and have a great personality like your dad. You are the greatest girl in the world. Happy birthday, my niece.
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42Niece, you are an amazing and awesome gift that I received from God. I just want to let you know that I will protect and love you, happy birthday.


43When you were a little girl, I couldn’t fathom you would grow into such a beautiful young girl. On your birthday, I wish you happiness and more blessings.



44Niece, you are my sister’s sunshine, so don’t ever disappoint her. I hope you will have a wonderful day as you celebrate your birthday. 


Birthday wishes from an Uncle to his adult niece


45I have watched as you grow into a young woman and I will always be there to support you. Wishing you a happy birthday.



46You are a successful woman because by nature, you are hardworking. I hope on your birthday you will be blessed more, happy birthday my niece.


47My niece, you are a shining star in our family. Although you are now an adult, I often fondly remember how cute you were as a little kid! Happy birthday.


48I know life can be challenging but I just want to let you know you have an uncle who cares for you. Happy birthday, beautiful niece.


49With your small family, I wish you a happy birthday. You are an awesome niece who is energetic, kind, and generous.



50I am happy that you have achieved everything that you wanted to have in this life. I will always love and pray for you, happy birthday, my niece.


51I wanted to wish you a happy birthday celebration and a fabulous year ahead. You have been a fantastic niece to me, happy birthday.
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52You have always put a smile on my face. I just wish you a happy birthday and may God give you your favorite things.


Concluding thoughts

Birthday wishes to your nice are necessary because they remind them that they have an aunt or uncle who cares about them.

For young nieces, it encourages them to lead better lives so they can get birthday wishes and gifts. The birthday wishes above will excite her and you need to consider sending them to your niece on her birthday.


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birthday wishes to niece from uncle

Wishing a happy birthday to your niece should be sweet and lovely enough to convey the love you have for her. Whether you are the uncle or the aunt, we have beautiful birthday wishes and quotes that you can share with your niece. You can send a message saying Happy Birthday or share one of this with her on the social network.


Birthday Wishes for Niece

Birthdays are a special occasion for everyone. When you have a niece who is still young, you can expect that they are hoping for lovely wishes from everyone – even their uncles and aunts! When you want to write up special birthday wishes for niece, you can choose to keep it short and sweet. These happy birthday quotes will surely be easier for your niece to remember than the lengthy ones.

When you read the below happy birthday wishes for your niece, try to remember the unique ones which can relate well to your niece. Feel free to combine several quotes together to create your own birthday wish as well!

If you’d like, you can even print the quotes with the colorful illustrations below and share it with her on her birthday, and let her pick her favorite birthday wish! Either way, we’d like to celebrate the occasion with you, and we wish your lovely niece a happy birthday!

1.  Aren’t you lucky you have such a beautiful auntie celebrating your birthday with you? Happy birthday!


2.  I’m so lucky to have such a cute niece to celebrate a birthday for. Happy birthday!


3.  May you be blessed with everything that you could possibly wish for in your life. Happy birthday!


4.  My dear niece, I hope that you will never lose the beautiful twinkle in your eyes. Happy birthday, my little angel.


5.  Words can’t express how happy I am to be celebrating your birthday with you dear, happy birthday!


6.  I’m sure that your parents have given you a fantastic birthday party, so here’s some gifts from your auntie!


7.  Happy birthday my little niece, may you grow up as sweet and loving as you are now!


8.  I’m proud to say that I have the best niece in the world! Happy birthday and have fun dear!


9.  My dear, I hope that you will always be happy and joyful for every birthday you have. Happy birthday.


10.  The most awesome niece deserves nothing less than the best birthday celebration. Happy birthday from your aunt!


Inspirational Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Your Niece

Birthday wishes for niece can be difficult to think up, especially when you have such a lovely niece that you want to celebrate! Fear not, however, because we have compiled a list of beautiful and loving birthday wishes for niece that you can share on her special day. Just keep reading and personalize the birthday wishes that you like!


11.  Dear child, you are still young and have plenty to look forward to. I wish you nothing but the best!


12. What an honor it is to be celebrating your birthday with your family. Happy birthday and God bless!


13.  You have so much to look forward to with your bright & loving personality. Happy Birthday!


14.  Happy birthday little one! I might not be your parent but you can consider me your fairy godmother. Here’s your gifts!


15.  Dear niece of mine, how lucky you must feel to have. Everyone loves you so much! Happy Birthday!


Birthday Messages for Niece

Be sure to accompany the lovely birthday wishes for niece with a nice present as well! A special gift for a special niece, accompanied with a lovingly crafted unique birthday wish will be sure to brighten up her day! Just be sure to get the age and names right when you open the wishes down on your chosen birthday card, and you’ll be just fine. Here are some messages and quotes you can text your niece to wish her a special day.


16.  My dear, nothing would make me happier than seeing you celebrate your birthday happily today.


17.  My sweet little niece is growing up so beautifully each day! Happy birthday and I love you!


18.  A dozen roses & a dozen smiles, a dozen reasons to remember how you make my heart swell. Happy Birthday!


19.  My dear niece, happy birthday! May your bright little smile always stay with you through the days to come.


20. You are the best niece anyone could possibly ask for! Happy birthday sweet child, I love you!


21. Happy birthday to the cutest child in the world! Though I’m not with you on your most special day, my blessings and good wishes are always with you. Have a very wonderful day! Aunty loves you a lot!


22. Congratulations my beautiful niece on your birthday! I really feel blessed to celebrate your birthday with you. May the happiness, joy, success always surround you!


23. My little cutie pie, happy birthday! God blessed us by sending you into our family who only spreads the happiness. May this day come again and again in your life!


24. Congratulations on your 18th birthday my niece! You’ve become an adult now, but for me, you’ll always be my little angel. Always be happy and cheerful!


25. On your special day, I wish, you get all the best things in life. Remember that I’m always here for you no matter what happens. Have a great birthday!


Did you find any birthday wishes for niece that you like? Remember to write it all down and attach it with the gift for your niece, and don’t forget to bring it to her birthday celebration! While you are there, let’s give her a memorable birthday celebration that she will never forget even when she grows up!

Are you looking for that perfect birthday wish for your niece? Show her what .. “ You are loved to the moon and back by your Aunt and Uncle!.

The 110 Happy Birthday Niece – Birthday Wishes for Niece

birthday wishes to niece from uncle

131. “You are beauty, brains, and a real humdinger! Happy Birthday to you, my niece! Love from your favorite ‘fun’ uncle!”

132. “I don’t have words to describe the feeling when you take birth. I was full of emotions and words are short to express my feelings. Wishing you a happy birthday my lovely niece.”

133. “Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! You look like a monkey and you belong in a zoo! May your birthday be as wild and crazy as you! Love the monkey’s uncle!”

134. “The only problem I face by having a niece like you is that I have become snooty. I can’t help but show off everyone I meet. Happy Bday niece.”

135. “I think instead of calling me ‘Uncle’ you should call me ‘Funcle’… as in the ‘fun uncle’. What do ya say?! Happy Birthday! Love from Funcle!”

136. “I want to hear every day the cutest word from my niece – “Uncle”. Nothing gives me such pleasure than hearing this word from your sweet mouth. Best bday.”

137. “Becoming a father of such a strong, powerful, intelligent girl is so lucky. I am happy for my brother to have you in his life. Happy Birthday to dear niece.”

138. “Lack of responsibility is the best part about our uncle-niece relationship. You can irresponsibly ask your uncle to give you treats and I can irresponsibly spoil my niece with expensive treats. Happy birthday!”

139. “How many ways Can I praise your wonderfulness without sounding creepy? I only know that you are awesome my niece. Happy Birthday, dear!”

140. “Some people think they have become old when they hear uncle, but, I never felt like that and even I feel myself luckiest when I hear the word in your cute voice. Wonderful bday.”

141. “If your mother doesn’t allow our big party tonight then call me without any hesitation. I will make all the arrangements to make your day super special. I have all the rights to spoil you :p. Happy Birthday to you!”

142. “Happy Birthday to the bundle of joy who always is a full tank of courage and generosity. You are truly one of a kind and I am proud to be the uncle of such a beautiful niece.”

143. “I hope all your wishes come true on this birthday. Happy Birthday, niece!”

144. “Enjoy the special day with you favorite burger and delicious ice cream. Always be happy with your friends and family member. Happy Bday to my niece.”

145. “You are beauty, brains, and a real humdinger! Happy Birthday to you, my niece! Love from your favorite ‘fun’ uncle!”

146. “Every year on your birthday, I am reminded how fast the time flies. It feels like yesterday you were playing with my arms and now you are such a young and beautiful lady with such a wonderful inner beauty. Keep on shining in the life and stay humble. Please accept my lovely birthday wishes for niece.”

147. “Our relationship is not about high fives, smiles, and laugh. Having you makes me want to fly. Happy birthday to you my dear niece.”

148. “You are everything to me. I feel that I am the luckiest person in the world because I am having the best niece in the world. Have an amazing party tonight. Happy Bday niece.”

149. “My niece is my favorite lady in this entire world. Happy Birthday, darling.”

150. “Birthday is the bundle of joy and happiness. You never fail to amaze everyone with wit, courage, and generosity. You are truly one of a kind. I am honored to be your uncle.”

151. “I never thought my sister will do something great in her life. But my perception changed after she gave birth to such a cute NIECE. Happy Bday Niece.”

152. “Dearest niece, I hope your birthday celebration is so much fun that you can’t help but have a truly happy birthday.”

153. “I just want to get all the things you want especially on your birthday. Nice, Wish you a many many returns of the day. Happy birthday to you!”

154. “I’m so lucky to have a niece like you. You’re my best friend, best daughter, best adviser and best critic whenever I need you to be. Happy birthday.”

155. “Just the thought of how adorable a niece I am having and my cutie pie has completed one more year makes my day. Happy Birthday, niece.”

156. “You are my lovely niece, who can ask for a treat at any time. I am your UNCLE which gives me the official right to spoil you as much as I can. Have a wonderful happy Bday niece.”

157. “With your birthday money, get whatever you want for your birthday. We won’t tell your mother. That’s what the best aunts and uncles do best. Happy birthday, our little angel.”

158. “I can see a wonderful future in your eyes and a better world full of joy and peace in your heart. I Know you are brave and smart. Happy birthday to you!”

159. “If we ever have a daughter, we want her to be exactly like you — happy, loving, wonderful and kind. Happy birthday from your beloved aunt and uncle.”

160. “The Official definition of niece in Merriam-Webster is – A daughter of brother, sister, brother-in-all or sister-in-law. But my personal definition for niece is – A lovely Young girl who is like my own daughter. Happy birthday to my pretty niece.”

161. “When you started to call me Uncle, my whole life took a turn for the better. Much, much, much better. I love you. Happy birthday to my incredible niece.”

162. “Pure joy is what I felt when you were born. Pure joy is what I feel whenever I’m with you. Happy birthday, dearest niece.”

163. “Chase your bliss and live well. Whenever you need a little extra support, know that I have your back. Happy birthday.”

164. “How many ways can I praise your awesomeness without sounding like a tired old uncle? I don’t know, but Happy Birthday, awesome niece!”

165. “We’re in your life for one reason only — to spoil you rotten. Happy birthday from your favorite aunt and uncle.”

166. “Pursue your dreams and give life your best shot. Never be afraid to fail, because your uncle’s always got your back. Happy birthday niece!”

167. “I have been so blessed to have known you since the day you were born. This is your birthday, but it is mine, too– as an uncle. Happy Birthday to us!”

168. “I have a pacemaker in my heart called NIECE – your cuteness has full control over my heartbeats. Happy birthday.”

169. “I do not have your mom’s patience. I do not have your dad’s genius, but I have a heart full of love for you and a guest room available 24/7. Happy Birthday!”

170. “My brother has done many amazing things in life, but nothing as wonderful as you, my beautiful niece. Happy birthday.”

Are you looking for that perfect birthday wish for your niece? Show her what .. “ You are loved to the moon and back by your Aunt and Uncle!.

birthday wishes to niece from uncle
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