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Birthday wishes cards for brother

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Birthday wishes cards for brother
July 02, 2019 1st Anniversary Wishes 2 comments

Birthday Cards For Brother With Music. Wish You A Sparkling Birthday Free For Brother & Sister · Happy Birthday Bro Birthday Card · Greeting Cards with.

Bro - Happy Birthday - Alphabet Art card

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Happy Birthday to someone who makes life a whole lot brighter!
Artist: ABC by Sue
Product Id: 866677

Brother birthday card

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Wishing you all the best for your birthday and the coming year!
Artist: eugenia bacon
Product Id: 142406

Brother Birthday Old Joke Cake on Fire card

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: ... I’m not saying you’re old, but the Fire Department called and asked if they could use your birthday cake for their training exercise! Have a good one!
Artist: Penny Cork
Artist Notes: Old jokes for those getting older, in this case a brother. A cake on fire with a firefighter's ladder at the ready. Please feel free to add to, or change, the inside text to create your own personal message. Original art and design �Penny Cork.
Product Id: 435722

Holding Hands - Brother card

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Who is a brother? A brother is someone with whom you grow up. He is the person with whom you argue and laugh. A brother is someone you love. He is the person with whom you have many memories. A brother is in your family by nature. He is your friend by choice. You are a brother, and I am glad you are mine. Happy Birthday!
Artist: Heather Bodle
Product Id: 563302

Not getting older - Brother Birthday card

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Like all antiques, you become more valued and appreciated with time! Happy Birthday
Artist: Rycky Creations
Product Id: 407352

Humor for Brother’s Birthday from big brother with…

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Happy Birthday to my Big Brother!
Artist: Maria Dryfhout
Artist Notes: birthday for brother from big brother greeting on brown cracked background with contemporary glitter-like flowers
Product Id: 924691

Happy birthday to my brother card

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Every candle on your cake is another year I’ve been lucky to know you!
Artist: Corrie Kuipers
Product Id: 382409

Perfect sister - Happy Birthday Brother card

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: You’re my brother and I’m perfect! Happy Birthday!
Artist: Corrie Kuipers
Product Id: 837792

Happy Birthday to Brother with Frogs drinking Beer…

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Wishing you a "toadily" awesome day because you deserve the best!
Artist: *Sandra Rose Designs
Artist Notes: A funny humor card with frogs drinking beer to wish your Brother a very Happy Birthday. Perfect for a boy or man who likes animals and jokes.
Product Id: 226641

Brother happy Birthday card

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: You’re a great brother and a loyal friend, so I am wishing you the happiest birthday ever!
Artist: eugenia bacon
Artist Notes: I can make this design for any other name, colour or language let me know I will be happy to work with you!
Product Id: 620805

Brother, Birthday, Remember When We were Little ca…

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: . . . that same adorable little brother to me! Happy Birthday to a wonderful Brother!
Artist: Carol Kearns
Artist Notes: For a Grown up Brother, this Birthday card in black and shades of grey, features a cute little girl hugging her unsuspecting little brother who has a shocked look on his face. The card is from a grown up sister to her younger now grown up brother. She is remembering a time when they were kids.
Product Id: 1360064

Brother’s humorous birthday smiling bear in dinghy…

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text:

birthday greeting card for brother. It was always hard for me to find the words that could fully express my feelings. Especially to a man who I often argue with.

Birthday Wishes for Brother

birthday wishes cards for brother

The attachment between brothers and sisters is far deeper than any other relationship. It is a permanent bond that overcomes fights and rivalry and is filled with love and support for each other. This is why we have given you 50 birthday wishes for your elder or younger brother to accompany the gift that you have set aside for him on his birthday.

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Birthday Message for Brother

1. Brothers are irreplaceable. I could never trade you for any other person. You are what a best friend can never be. Happy birthday, dear bro.
2. Bro, you are my pride! You have been the ideal brother although we can never stop fighting. I always adore you. Happy birthday.
3. You are my life support. Without your constant concern, I would have fallen apart from the inside. Happy birthday, bro.
4. I will always hold on dearly to the memories we have. Thanks for being such an amazing and adorable brother. Have a fantastic birthday.
5. Happy birthday to the one bro whose footsteps I desire to follow and whom without, my heart would be hollow.

6. Amongst all the gifts mom and dad have given me, you will always be the best of them all. Happy birthday, hero.
7. You are all I ever wanted in a brother. If I am told to pick another brother, I would still pick you. Happy birthday to you.
8. You have been my fortress; always providing a shoulder to lean on. I love you more everyday brother. Happy birthday.
9. We may not have the same preferences, desires or dreams, and fantasy but may our opposite personalities bring us more closer on your birthday and forever more.
10. I am bold to go through whatever life throws at us since we always have each other's back. I have got wings to fly because you taught me how to be firm. Happy birthday.

11. My only wish on your birthday is that we remain indivisible like a tortoise and its shell. Have a blast on your birthday.
12. If the world had more brothers like you; protective, supportive, caring and selfless, the world would be a much better place to be. You are the best brother in the universe, and I wish you a joyful birthday.
13. As you grow a year older, focus on where you are going rather than your past. This is a turning point for you. Greatness is your portion. I believe in you more than you can comprehend. Have an insightful birthday.
14. Bro, your optimistic point of view in life is my inspiration. Keep up the positive outlook. I bet you already know you are my role model. I love you, bro. Happy birthday.
15. Your birthday has always been more special to me than to you. This is because it is the day I was granted the best gift in the planet. You are my best friend brother. Happy birthday!

16. I have lost count of the number of times you have gotten me out of trouble. I know I am so annoying, just like you are, but I am blessed since I can always depend on you. Happy birthday, bro.
17. Through thick and thin, you have never deserted me. You have always been a pillar to me. You are not my brother by choice, but you are my chosen BFF. Happy birthday, brother.
18. Dear brother, I cherish the adventures we have had together including getting into trouble more than a thousand times. You are the weirdest brother I know, and that makes you so cool. Cheers on your birthday and to many more adventures ahead.
19. Happy birthday, bro. Your courage inspires me; your drive dares me, your love gives me warmth and your achievements push me forward. Thanks for being my bro.
20. "A brother is a friend sent by nature" Happy birthday brother. You are the ideal brother, a brother like no other.

21.You are an incomparable treasure. May this special day bring more rays of hope, love, joy, and sunshine in your life. Happy birthday
22. This is the day someone I honor and adore came into the world. You are my role model because you are a brother who deserves that title. Happy tidings on your birthday.
23. The best thing about having a brother is the comforting feeling I get with you around. This is because you are: Brilliant, Respectful, Outstanding, Terrific, Honest Entertaining, Remarkable, BROTHER. This is what you are much more. Happy birthday brother.
24. I can't help but reminisce on our childhood memories. The warmth of those days will always remain within me. Happy birthday, brother.
25. I promise that despite the distance between us, we will never be separated. I am glad we share our destinies. Receive my heartfelt wishes on your birthday.
26. Nothing can compare to the love I have for you. I can't help but smile at the thought of your aging. You are wise enough to make me stand on my principles and not fall into peer pressure. Happy birthday, bro.
27. You have achieved the greatest achievement you can make as a brother: you have been the best friend to me. Happy birthday, brother.
28. To my bully brother, I couldn't be who I am today if you hadn't hit me. You are my loyal supporter and reassure me when I am breaking apart.
29. Brother, you taught me never to quit and to take life's troubles with humor and wit. You bright me so much delight and my days your light. You have a way of making things seem bright. Happy birthday, brother.
30. Our differences make us so similar. Remember, like poles repel and unlike poles attract. You are the best brother now, today and tomorrow. Have an incredible birthday.

How to Edit Wishes in Birthday Card for Brother

To create a birthday card for brother, you can download the free PDF templates on this page and edit with PDFelement, one of the best PDF editors, to edit your birthday wishes for brother. Beside editing birthday card, you can also create, protect, annotate, sign PDFs with PDFelement's professional tools. See the detail tutorial as following.

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Step 1. Open the Birthday Card for Brother

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Wishes for Brother

Step 3. Print

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Birthday Cards for Brother (186)

birthday wishes cards for brother

  • Make a Wish! Classic Happy Birthday Card for Brother Send this Card

    This classic birthday card showcases black and white retro style lettering that form the words, "Happy Birthday Make A Wish". Very stylish! Best of all, this birthday card mentions that he is not only your brother, but that he is also your good friend. So special! He will love everything this thoughtful birthday card has to say. Send it over to your brother for his special day to make sure he knows you are thinking of him today.

  • Sending Love! Happy Birthday Card for Brother Send this Card

    Want to send your brother a birthday card that gets straight to the point? Then this greeting card will do the trick. It features large lettering that spells, "Happy Birthday To You". He can't miss it! It's the perfect birthday card to get him excited about his big day, and also let him know that you love him! Make sure to get this birthday card out to him right away, to let him know you care!

  • Vintage Car Happy Birthday Card for Brother Send this Card

    There's just something about brothers and cars! For the car-loving brother in your life, this simple, snazzy birthday card is definitely the way to go. The background pattern is fun without being too flashy, while the old-fashioned car adds a vintage element to the birthday card. Wish your brother a happy birthday with this gem, and he’s sure to love it!

  • Vintage Car Art Happy Birthday Card Wishes for Brother Send this Card

    For the brother who loves cars-or simply enjoys things that are out of the ordinary-look no further than this fabulous birthday card. The old-fashioned car adds a unique element with great artwork, while the card itself offers a sweet sentiment. Wish your brother a great birthday with the ultimate style, in the form of this awesome birthday card.

  • Humor for Brother's Birthday from big brother with glitter like flower card. Humor for . A Birthday Wish for Brother, As The Sun Rises, Palm Tree card. A Birthday .

    birthday ecards for brother

    birthday wishes cards for brother

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    birthday wishes cards for brother
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