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Best wishes for your health
July 27, 2019 1st Anniversary Wishes 2 comments

It will be helpful if you can wish him a speedy recovery with these Get My better half is not in his best state of health and I'm not in the best of.

An illness or hospitalization can cause some kind of loneliness, only by the fact that your daily routine is broken. The people you care about might be busy and it might be hard for them to be there, by your side, even though you might know how much they care about the state of your health.

Feeling outside of people’s lives is not a feeling that a patient enjoys, so wishes for a speedy recovery can really help. Especially when they come in the form of pinnable quotes. Enjoy!


  • 1 Get Well Soon, Dear Grandpa!
  • 2 Get Well Soon, Dear Grandma!
  • 3 Get Well Soon, Dear Father!
  • 4 Get Well Soon, Dear Mother!
  • 5 Get Well Soon, Dear Friend!
  • 6 Get Well Soon, Dear Brother!
  • 7 Get Well Soon, Dear Sister!
  • 8 Get Well Soon, Dear Uncle!
  • 9 Get Well Soon, Dear Aunt!
  • 10 Get Well Soon, Dear Nephew!
  • 11 Get Well Soon, Dear Niece!

Get Well Soon, Dear Grandpa!

  • Granddad, you shall recover sooner than you think because you are the epitome of strength and perseverance. Love you.
  • Sending get-well hugs, love, and sunshine to the world’s most wonderful grandfather. Recover soon, Grandpa.
  • All I want is for my amazing grandpa to jump back to full health soon. I love you, Grandfather.
  • I want you to know that you are not alone in battling this illness. I’ll be with you all the way supporting you with in every way I can. Grandpa, you shall surely get better soon.
  • Grandpa, just hang in there a little bit longer and you’ll get back to your phenomenal self soon. You inspire me s much.
  • You are hundred times stronger than you think. For this reason, I’m hundred percent confident you’ll defeat this illness in no time. Get well soon, for I miss you like crazy.
  • Grandpa, your smile brings happiness into my heart, and that is why your illness greatly darkens my world. Please start feeling well soon, so my heart can no gladness once again.
  • I hope that these warm wishes coupled with my sweet hugs will set you on the path of total recovery.

Get Well Soon, Dear Grandma!

  • Grandma, my world is colorless without your laughter and smile. Please get well soon and bring back the beautiful colors of rainbow into my world.
  • May God heal you and bring you back to your wonderful self soon. I love you so much, Granny.
  • Please feel well soon, Granny, for your happiness is our happiness.
  • I hope you swing back to good health soon because my life hasn’t been the same since you became unwell. I miss your smile and energy.
  • Grandma, I’m praying endlessly for your total recovery and strength. You are one of the strongest women I know, and that is why I strongly believe you shall return to good health in no time.
  • Grandma, I pray you get better with every blessed day that comes your way. Get well soon.
  • Granny, it breaks my heart to hear that you are under the weather. Please bring joy back into my heart and put a smile on my face again by getting well soon.

My warmest wishes for a quick recovery and good health.

Get Well Soon, Dear Father!

  • Your smile lights up everything in my world, and that is why I am so pissed at this sickness for taking your smile away. Get well soon, Dad, so you can light up my world once again with your smile.
  • May every millisecond embrace you with good health and strength. Get well soon, my beloved Dad.
  • Health and strength are all that my heart desires the most for you, Dad. I hate to see you go through this. Here’s to wishing you a very rapid recovery.
  • May your recuperation be very swift, Dad. I love you!
  • Dad, I hope you jump out of the grips of this illness as soon as possible, so you can experience all the good things that come with being healthy. Wishing you a super fast recovery.
  • Praying my beloved father will get stronger, healthier and better soon. I can’t wait to see you begin to feel your old self again. Love you so much, Dad!
  • Dad, may each second bring into you renewed strength to help you get back on your feet soon.
  • Sending you healing prayers and blessings to help you enjoy a full recovery quickly.


Get well soon. We look forward to your return.

Get Well Soon, Dear Mother!

  • There’s nothing in this world as beautiful as your smile. Get well soon, so I can see that extraordinary beauty again.
  • Mom, sending you blessings and healthy vibes galore to make you feel better. I treasure you more than I can put into the words of man.
  • Wishing you strength and a speedy recovery, dearest Mother. You deserve to be healthy and happy all your life.
  • The lights in my world dimmed the moment I heard you weren’t feeling too good. Mom, please get well soon. I love you.
  • May God lay His healing hands on you and bless you with strength and good health. I truly miss your smile.
  • Mom, I really hope you receive your healing and health soon because happiness will continue to elude me until I see you hale and hearty.
  • Sending you all my love and warm wishes to make you feel healthy and strong once again. Mom, please don’t waste anymore time getting well.
  • Thinking of you and praying for you so much during these trying times. Looking forward to seeing you completely healthy and back to your old amazing self. Love you!

Get Well Soon, Dear Friend!

  • Hey buddy, I know you are going to get well really soon, so don’t worry much. Have a beautiful day.
  • I pray for your fast recovery every day. And since I believe strongly in the mighty power of prayers, I know you are going to get better very soon. Love you lots!
  • At the moment, there’s nothing in this world that I want more than your quick recovery. I miss you. Get better soon, my dear.
  • Friends are for the good and the bad times, and in times like this, I can only join you in battling this illness with prayers. Definitely with our combined forces, we shall send this illness back to hell, where it came from. You shall get well soon!
  • The smile on your face is what lights my world. Get well soon, so my world can be bright again with your beautiful smile.
  • Since this sickness plaguing you isn’t our friendship, it definitely wouldn’t last forever. You’ll recover soon, my dearest friend.
  • I hate that you are sick, so recover quickly for God’s sake!
  • I don’t feel sorry for you; I feel sorry for the illness tempting you. It doesn’t know it is messing with an a**kicker. Give it hell!
  • Why does your illness get to spend all day with you when it should be me? I’m so jealous of it and wish you could get rid of it this very moment, so we can spend more time together having the fun of our lives!
  • Together, you and I have conquered so many hurdles in our lives. This illness is definitely no match for us. Conquering it is going to be as easy as taking candy from a kid.
  • May good health and happiness embrace you and drive away every illness residing in your body.

Get well soon. Best wishes for a quick recovery.

Get Well Soon, Dear Brother!

  • Your pain is my pain. Your happiness is my happiness. Get well soon, so I can stop feeling this pain and start experiencing true joy.
  • After you have defeated this illness, which I know you will, it will never rare its ugly head in your life again. Get well soon, my sweet brother.
  • I hate to see you feel like s*** because it makes me feel like s*** too. Get better soon, so we can both stop feeling like crap!
  • A recovery that is faster than the speed of light is what I wish for you. You are too precious to me to be feeling ill.
  • My heart aches whenever you are ill. Please recover soon.
  • Sending my dearest brother hugs, love and blessings for nothing short of happiness and a super fast recovery. I love you to the moon and back.
  • Return to total health as soon as possible, my precious brother. Sending blessings and good health your way.
  • This illness thinks it’s tough, but what it doesn’t know is that it is dealing with someone who is a gazillion times tougher and stronger than it. So quit playing with it and kick its butt already!
  • Brother, sending you bucket loads of sunshine and love for your speedy recovery.

Best wishes for a quick recovery.

Get Well Soon, Dear Sister!

  • Dearest sister, I miss your smile. Please get well soon. I love you.
  • May you feel better and stronger with every single millisecond that passes by. You are always in my thoughts and in the deepest chamber of my heart.
  • You are stronger than this illness can ever be. Don’t ever forget that!
  • There’s nothing that I wouldn’t sacrifice just to see you completely healthy and fit again. Get well soon, my dear.
  • I am sending a universe full of hugs, love, prayers and well wishes for your fast recovery because you mean the universe to me.
  • May this warm message from your brother/sister, who loves and treasures you, bring you fast healing and good health. Get well soon, my sweet sister.
  • I can’t be happy until you feel better. So feel better soon, my dear, so I can feel happiness again.
  • Can’t wait to see my sweet sister back to her normal self once again. Sending all my love and oceans of hugs your way, my dear.
  • May God restore your health quickly and send this illness back to the depths of hell where it belongs.

Get Well Soon!

Get Well Soon, Dear Uncle!

  • Sending warm get-well wishes to a wonderful uncle. Praying that you will be blessed with good health and strength to get back to your normal self soon.
  • Uncle, I believe strongly that your recovery is just around the corner. In no time, this ill health shall be a thing of the past and happiness and good health shall reign in your life.
  • I pray for your speedy recovery night and day because you are a wonderful uncle who means the world to me. Please start getting healthier soon.
  • Dear uncle, I know your healing is going to happen any moment from now because every day I bombard God with prayers for your fast recovery. Can’t wait to see you healthier, stronger and happier.
  • You’ve been good to me all my life. Amazing people like you should know no suffering, and that is why I will never get tired of going down on my knees and praying for your recovery until the time good health completely envelops you.
    • May your health and fitness improve with every second that passes by. I really miss seeing you happy.

You’ve been away for such a short while, but we’ve missed you such a big deal! Recover soon!

Get Well Soon, Dear Aunt!

  • Your illness breaks my heart because an amazingly wonderful aunt like you deserves happiness every single moment of her life. Get well soon, dearest aunt.
  • May the heavens cure you quickly and not only put strength back into your body but also happiness back into your heart. We love you and are eagerly waiting to see you back on your feet.
  • I instantly became heartbroken the very moment I heard my sweet aunt wasn’t feeling well. I pray you heal quickly because your illness has snatched all the sunshine in my world.
  • Nothing is impossible with prayers. I know God is going to answer my prayers and heal you completely. Just hang on in there, for you shall be healed sooner than you think.
  • All I want is for my wonderful aunt to get better soon, so she can continue bringing great delight into my life. Please get well in no time and start enjoying the beauty of life. I love you so much, dear aunt.
  • You might be going through hell at the moment, but just stay positive and remember that nothing is impossible when God is involved. He is aware of your illness, and He will surely rescue you from it.

Get well soon

Get Well Soon, Dear Nephew!

  • Wishing my wonderful cousin a very swift recovery. My dear, cheer up because your recovery is on its way.
  • Dear niece, since I heard you weren’t feeling well, all I do is think of you and pray for your healing. Get better soon.
  • Soon you shall say bye-bye to ill health and hello to good health and happiness because you are a fighter. This illness made the biggest mistake of its life by picking the wrong person to mess with.
  • Nephew, not a moment goes by that thoughts of you don’t occupy my mind. As you go through these challenging times, do know that you are not alone. Best wishes for your recovery, my dear.
  • If there’s one thing that I am totally certain of, it is the fact that you are going to get well really soon. Today, I pray for your total healing, good health, strength and happiness.
  • May God lay His mighty and miraculous hands on you and heal you from this sickness so that you may bounce back to being that healthy, strong, happy and totally amazing individual that I know.

Friendship is about wishing a friend well, having mainly in mind their company. Get well soon!

Get Well Soon, Dear Niece!

  • As you wrestle with this illness, rest assured that you are not in the fight alone. My thoughts, warm wishes and prayers are with you. You shall feel well soon.
  • Hang in there, my sweet niece, you’ll be better in no time and back to your amazing old self. I know this is possible because I say a prayer for you always. Sending you all my love.
  • I am sorry to hear you aren’t feeling too fine. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to see you recover as quickly as possible because you mean so much to me. I hope you are taking your medication and getting as much rest as possible. Get well soon, my beloved niece.
  • So far as God is alive, you shall receive your healing. So don’t ever worry. Relax and get enough rest, for your healing has already begun.
  • You are going to beat the hell out of this sickness because you are a really strong person. I’m so proud of you. Get well soon.
  • Sending oceans of prayers and blessings your way to enable you feel better and stronger again. Cheer up, for total happiness and good health are coming your way.

I know it’s have been fun, but please… get well soon!

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Get Well Soon Quotes for Family and Loved Ones

best wishes for your health

Sickness is quite an enemy. What won’t we give to never have it come around us or our loved ones? It gets you down and leaves you unable to do a lot of things you love.

It can even prevent you from enjoying food, simply by plaguing you with a loss of appetite. Unless you have a nice insurance policy prior, the cost of medication is not child’s play.

A lot of times family might have to stay off work to tend to the sick person’s needs. Or spend a lot of money to hire caregivers. In all of these, sickness is no good. Get well wishes go a long way to make our loved ones feel better and they also even heal faster when there is a lot of love and support around them.

Get Well Wishes for Speedy Recovery

#1: You look very terrible. Sickness doesn’t look good on you. Hurry and get back to your radiant self. Speedy recovery, dear.

#2: You’ve been on all your medications as the doctor prescribed, I wish you the strength and hope you definitely get well soon. Speedy recovery.

#3: How fast does a cheetah run? With that same speed, I wish you to get well soon. Speedy recovery mate.

#4: Life in this neighborhood is boring without you. I can’t even find someone to talk to. Please, get well soon. For me, at least.

#5: God’s speed and guidance I send to you as you get on your way to recovery. I wish you the very best. Get well soon, dear.

#6: I will get a magician with a magic wand to fix you if I could, I can’t bear you staying so long in treatment and recovery. Get well soon, or I get the magician.

#7: Please, religiously stick to your drugs. Make sure you don’t joke with them, or joke with the doctor’s general instructions. I wish you a holistic recovery. Get well soon, dear friend.

#8: Illnesses help us confirm our humanity. Not that I feel comfortable about yours, I actually want you to be firm and fit as fiddle, but we have to observe nature whenever it comes calling. Nevertheless, please, get well soon.

Get Well Wishes For Coworker

#1: Your sickness made you stay off work, now I have to do all the work alone, it is very tough for me. Look, I need you back on your feet. You need to get well. Speedy recovery, dear.

#2: All of us at the office miss you already. The family is now obviously incomplete. Hurry and get well soon, you are needed. Speedy recovery.

#3: We need you back, even if all you would do is sit and chat, we want you back. Speedy recovery, dear.

#4: They need to kick you out of that hospital and send you straight to the office. Speedy recovery.

#5: There is no fun in being in the hospital. We can’t let you continue to stay there. We need you in the office immediately. Get well soon.

#6: We are coming with flowers and a shipload of goodies. We are coming to the hospital. I know how much you hate public attention, and that’s why we are bringing those. Better get well soon. Or, we come to the hospital and do exactly what you hate.

#7: The hospital is no home for intelligent people like us in an industry like ours. You need to get out of there, everything is moving so fast. Speedy recovery, colleague.

#8: Even our cocky boss has admitted to have missed you. What are you still waiting for? Get up and get well. Godspeed, dear.

#9: I wish you can get well and get back to work immediately so that you can experience all the niceties and fun that has been added to our activities at the office

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Funny Get Well Wishes

#1: Oh, dear. I am so sorry that you had to eat hospital food. If only you agreed earlier to get well and leave the hospital for good. Anyways, speedy recovery.

#2: I got some words off the book “Harry Potter” and got a stick which I used as my magic wand. I cast some spells to have you healthy, I don’t know why it’s taking so long. Just get well soon.

#3: Too much beauty attracted this virus to you. If you weren’t so beautiful, you wouldn’t have gotten sick. But just get well soon, anyway.

#4: When you were still healthy, we literally begged you to rest. For you, it was one project after another. Now you are under compulsory house arrest and you have to get all the rest and sleep you missed. Speedy recovery, dear.

#5: I miss our gossips. You need to leave your sickbed and come complete what we were saying the other day. Get well soon, for the sake of gossips.

#6: You are being punished with sickness for eating the pizza you ordered without giving me a bit. This should teach you a lesson. Get well soon, nevertheless.

Get Well Quotes

#1: Sickness comes at a point in time, it will also go at a point. Don’t feel too bad, because time heals every wound.

#2: A look outside will convince you that the sun is shining very bright. It is telling you, get better and get going. The universe want’s you alive.

#3: Everybody eagerly awaits your return. The absence of your laugh makes the environment quite lifeless. Healthy families stick together.

#4: You should know sickness steals you away from family so they will always be there to wish your health back and pray that you have a speedy recovery.

#5: Sending flowers in place of hugs and kisses to tell you how much they miss you and how much they want you to get well and get back on your feet. That’s what friends are for.

#6: Your friend’s thoughts, prayers and good wishes stay with you in times of sickness.

#7: It is heartbreaking to hear ill-health. The moments become so dreary as everyone misses the vibrant and energetic you.

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150+ best birthday wishes and messages

best wishes for your health

Sending best wishes to a loved one in our hospital is now even easier.

Volunteer Services is pleased to offer family and friends the ability to send a personal message to a loved one admitted in our hospital. If you are unable to make a visit in person, we can print and hand-deliver an electronic message so you can still send your best wishes. This free service is available for inpatients.

Information you need to know about this special inpatient message service:

  • Mail is delivered Monday to Friday in the afternoons. Messages submitted after 12:00 p.m. will be delivered the next business day.
  • Emails received on weekends or holidays will be delivered the next business day.
  • Our staff take care to safeguard your privacy. If a patient is no longer in hospital your message will be deleted.
  • We currently do not provide a way for patients to reply to these messages.

Please fill in the form below and click the submit button. All fields must be completed. If you don’t know the room number you can call 416-530-6000.

Find the best get well wishes and let a friend or loved one know you're thinking of them with funny get well message bee well quick recovery and good health.

Good Luck and Best Wishes Quotes

best wishes for your health

Get Well Wishes


When a friend or loved one is ill, has had surgery or is recovering from an injury the natural reaction is to want them to get well soon. You don't want to see someone you care about suffering or feeling poorly. So the way we try to cheer them up whilst they recover (aside from visiting them) is to send a get well soon message and gift. Something that can help lift their spirits and make them feel better as quickly as possible.

Even a small gesture can go a long way when someone is feeling unwell. So use one of these 100 get well soon wishes to find the perfect words to let them know how much you're thinking of them. Touching or inspirational get well soon quotes and messages may be the boost that gives them a speedy recovery. So get your pen out and start writing!

Get Well Wishes

  • Wishing you a speedy and full recovery. Hoping you feel much better really soon
  • Sending you healthy thoughts and wishes for the fastest recovery
  • Just a quick note to let you know you're in my thoughts and hoping you get well soon
  • You're one of the strongest people I know - you'll be fighting fit in no time!
  • Find strength in the friends and family around you, take their love and use it to heal
  • As each day passes you're one closer to a complete recovery! Take those days one at a time and know we're here for you
  • We were so sorry to hear you've been unwell. You are in our thoughts as you get back on your feet
  • I hope this message let's you know how much we care and will be thinking of you. Wishing you better health
  • Sending you sunshine to brighten your day and warm wishes for a speedy recovery
  • We hope these flowers will add a little cheer to your day and you feel better soon
  • Missing you loads and can't wait until I get to see you again! Get well soon!
  • Our Prayers will be for you to feel better and make a swift recovery
  • Recuperation takes time. Don't rush yourself, rest as much as you need and we're sure you'll be feeling better really soon
  • I hope this message can help you feel a little better and bring a smile to your face
  • Remember that you're not alone. We'll be here by your side as you get through this
  • Work has been so boring without you there! We all can't wait to have you back, so please get well soon
  • Don't worry, we'll fight this together. I know we can win! You'll be feeling better before you know it
  • Thinking fondly of you and wishing you a quick recovery
  • Sending you the biggest hugs and wishing you love and good health
  • So sorry to hear you're feeling unwell. Hoping you regain that spark we all know and love very soon

Get Well Soon Messages

  • Best wishes and hoping you're feeling yourself again very soon
  • I can't wait to see that amazing smile of yours again. Feel better real soon!
  • The most important thing in illness is never to lose heart. We're right there with you. Never lose hope
  • You're always in my heart - get well soon
  • Recovery is a process. It takes time, it takes patience, it takes everything you've got
  • Take the recovery slowly - we want you to be as good as, if not better than before!
  • Hoping you feel better soon and just ask if you need anything. I'll always be there for you
  • All our prayers will be for you to make a quick recovery
  • I hope these flowers lighten your day and bring you some joy. Get well soon
  • Being ill is no fun! Hoping you get better soon
  • I know these words may seem like nothing but I hope they can lift your mood a little and remind you how much I care
  • I hope each day brings you renewed strength and much closer to recovery
  • Hoping you're 100% again soon!
  • As you travel the path of recuperation, I wish you comfort, care and speedy healing
  • Sending healthy vibes your way and wishing for a quick recovery
  • I’m Florence Nightingale and you’re my patient. We will get through this together
  • Wishing I could take away all your pain, and sending all my love

What to Write in a Get Well Card

Writing an inspirational get well soon message may seem tricky but can be achieved without too much trouble. Your friends or loved one will appreciate you taking the time to wish them a speedy recovery. And kind, uplifting words can really help to improve the recovering persons mood and positivity.

We've put together this list of 100 get well wishes to help you get the best message and hopefully inspire you. However if you want to write your own, with your own words, you can follow some simple steps.

  • Choose your words carefully, being respectful and sensitive to how the sick person is feeling is essential.
  • Be positive. Don't focus on the negatives of their illness. Try to lift their mood and make them feel better.
  • If you feel it's appropriate then you can use a joke or funny message. Be careful though and certain they won't take offence at this.
  • Mention you are thinking of them. For a sick friend or family member to know they are in the thoughts of the people closest to them is a real lift.
  • If you can - offer support. A message saying you're going to visit them, bring food, something like that. Even small chores they may need doing would be a huge help.

What Not to Say

  • Unless you know the recipient is religious then avoid a message of that nature. Saying "you'll be in my prayers" is absolutely fine but don't go further than that. You could make them uncomfortable.
  • Try to be as normal with them as you were before. They won't want to feel like they need special treatment or treated differently to before being ill. Just be the same with them as you always are.
  • Don't dwell on the illness or be negative. Stay upbeat, lift their spirits and keep positive for them.

  • I'm terrible at writing these messages but just wanted to wish you a speedy recovery and to feel better soon
  • Wishing you all the best and reminding you to take it easy as you get better
  • Missing you loads! Get well soon!!
  • We all can't wait to have you back soon. Feel better!
  • I hope my flowers help contribute to you feeling much better
  • Good health starts with a happy heart
  • Thinking of you during this tough time. I'm sure you'll be feeling better soon
  • I hope these flowers brighten both your room and your heart
  • Sending you good wishes and get well cheer
  • Our warmest thoughts for you to make the quickest recovery
  • Wishing you so much love and the speediest of recoveries
  • May you be enveloped by good health, warming thoughts and a quick recovery
  • Wishing you tremendous strength and positive thoughts at this difficult time
  • Missing you so much and constantly wishing for your speedy recovery
  • Keep thinking positively and stay strong - you'll be better before you know it
  • Hoping you feel back to your old self soon
  • As each day passes you're that little bit closer to being back on your feet. Get well real soon!
  • Wishing you relief from all your aches and pains
  • Sending you loving thoughts for a speedy recovery
  • So sorry you're not feeling well. We will be thinking of you as you get better
  • Have a restful recovery and come back even stronger!

Sample Get Well Message

We aim to make writing a get well card much simpler and allow you to help your sick friend or family member in whatever way they need. A good way to make your card that extra bit special is by adding your own touches to it. Try personalizing our get well notes with a get well soon quote for more inspirational words.

Funny Feel Better Messages

If you want to make the recipient of your card smile or have a laugh then try our funny get well wishes. A funny message can improve their mood and help them stay positive whilst they're unwell, which is key to getting better. So crack a joke and have some fun to take their mind off being unwell.

  • Relax, rest and enjoy your time off. We can't wait to see you when you feel up to returning
  • Wishing you brighter days ahead
  • I heard you're feeling under the weather - get better soon
  • Take it slow and steady and I hope you get better one day at a time
  • You're a tough cookie - you'll be better soon!
  • Wishing for your fast recovery
  • Hope you recover quickly!
  • Wishing you a quick recovery and continued good health
  • Missing you terribly and wishing you all the best. Lots of love and feel better soon
  • I hope these words can brighten your day - I miss you and can't wait 'til you're feeling better!
  • Our deepest thoughts and prayers are with you as you heal
  • May your recovery be quick, painless and find you in tip top condition
  • Praying your stay in hospital is short and your recovery quick and simple

Get Well Poems

A poem is a great way to express your feelings and really show you care, and you can find a whole range of get well soon poems right here. Send them in your card or share them on Facebook to let others join in wishing someone a fast recovery.

Get Well Prayers

Saying a prayer for whoever is ill is another really good way to let someone know you're thinking of them. A prayer to find strength, have courage to face their illness or take comfort in God during such trying times will be warmly appreciated.

  • We know you're feeling a bit under the weather but we hope you get back right up! We Miss you!
  • Sending love and light, and hoping you feel better soon
  • Think positive thoughts and you may heal more quickly than you thought possible. We miss you and want you better soon!
  • The most important thing in illness is never to lose heart. Our prayers are with you. Get well soon!
  • Sending thoughtful prayers your way that you will soon feel right as rain
  • I hope the compassion and love of friends and family helps you recover. Much love
  • Take care and you'll be back doing the things you love in no time
  • Know that there are so many of us that care about and will be by your side as you recover
  • If I could I would switch places with you and take away all your pain. Stay strong and I know you'll get through this
  • Rest and just focus on getting well! We all miss you so much!
  • It may not be a cure but hopefully these flowers will bring a smile to your face. Get well soon
  • A get well wish for my favourite patient. Thinking of you and sending my love
  • Looking forward to catching up with you once you're feeling your old self again. Feel better
  • I know you'll be the bubbly, vivacious life of the party we all love really soon and making us laugh again
  • I was so sad to hear about you feeling unwell. Get better soon!
  • You bring so much happiness and joy to everyone's lives. Hopefully this card will bring a little to yours. Get well soon
  • I hope this message finds you feeling better and on the road to recovery
  • I know how much you like roses so hopefully this bouquet will lift your spirits. Get well soon
  • You mean the world to me, so get well soon!
  • I can't pretend to be a doctor and cure all your woes but I can do what I do best - bring a smile to your face. Here's to a speedy recovery!
  • As you recover and find your feet again know that we'll be here to support you all the way
  • Let the prayers of loved ones help ease the burden of illness. We'll be there for you as you make your recovery
  • I'm so sorry to hear about your illness. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time and sending strength for you to get well
  • I will move heaven and earth to help you get better. Whatever you need, just ask
  • When you get better we're going to party like there's no tomorrow! Just hurry up will ya!
  • Work just isn't the same without you. Get better soon 'cause we miss you like crazy!
  • This is just a quick note to say how much I'm thinking of you as you get better. I'll be round to visit soon, I promise
  • You're an inspiration in how you're dealing with all this. Just focus all your efforts on feeling better and I'll see you soon
  • Wishing you so much love and so many positive thoughts to get better better as soon as possible

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I wish I was a magician so I could make you fit and healthy with the wave of a wand! 3. I will stand beside you forevermore, wishing you good health and a fast .

best wishes for your health
Written by Yobei
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