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Best wishes for company anniversary
September 19, 2018 1st Anniversary Wishes 5 comments

Send warm wedding anniversary wishes with these anniversary message “Just thinking how good it is to have a couple like you in our family.

When I was a child, one of my biggest dreams was to grow up and get a job. My dream became a reality, and I was pleased about it.

You might be surprised how many children have the same dream.

Some of us are patient enough to stay in school until we have the skills needed to get a good job. Others rushed into things and, as adults, dream about going back in time to change their path.

Statistics suggest that most employees are not passionate about the job. That sounds a bit sad because being useful is one of the greatest pleasures in life.

Listen, regardless if you are satisfied with your job, the career you have chosen, you can discover many positive things about what you do. In a way or another, your job is making you a valuable member of society. You’re contributing to a better world; you’re building your legacy; you’re setting a positive example for future generations.

Discover in this article, 50 Work Happy Anniversary quotes so you can remind herself why you wake up in the morning every day.

If you’re an employer, you might want to use these quotes to give your employees the credit they deserve.

Whatever job you do is valuable because otherwise you wouldn’t be paid for it. Maybe, right now is not exactly what you hoped for and doesn’t inspire you too much. But, feeling useful beats passion every day of the week. Feeling tired after hard work can give you immense satisfaction.

As I said, many people say they don’t like the job they do. However, if you ask them how are things going after they retire, most of them say “It was so nice to have a job; even though the pension it’s coming every month, I don’t have anymore a satisfaction every evening.”

Appreciate your job no matter what you do, and give your job reasons to appreciate you in return. What you do counts, it’s useful, it’s needed.

Happy work anniversary!

1. Thank you for being an essential part of our success. Happy Anniversary!

2. Congratulations on your corporate anniversary!

3. My dear friend, I have never seen a hardworking person like you. Happy work anniversary.

4. Congratulations on your anniversary! Thank you for all your help over the years.

5. All the best for your 10th anniversary! Oh by the way, the best time to think about changing the job is before your boss decides the time has come.

6. On your anniversary we appreciate all our hard work and dedication. Best wishes for another successful year.

7. Your contribution to the company is greatly appreciated. I wish you much more success in the years ahead, Happy Anniversary!

8. Congratulations on this big occasion and many wishes for future success.

9. May you continue to inspire us for many years to come! And may you always remember how much you are needed, respected and valued! Happy Anniversary.

10. You are truly a valued associate! Thank you for your fervent efforts and creativity. Happy anniversary.

11. Congratulations on your anniversary with the team! We look forward to many more successful years with you!

12. Wishing you many years of success and innovations. Happy anniversary!

13. Congratulations on this special day and many wishes for more great days ahead.

14. On this blissful and charming day of your Corporate anniversary.. may you continue the journey of success with pride! I wish you happiness, and many more years of success!

15. You bring first-class professionalism, determination and passion to this organization. Not a day goes by that we are not appreciative of your dedication. Congratulations on another successful year of service!

16. Congratulations! This is the beginning of a success story that will continue for many more years. Happy Anniversary.

17. You are the most sensible and most responsible staff member in the office and it has been a long time working with you, so I wish you a happy work anniversary and Best of luck for the next year.

18. We are thinking of you on this important day and wishing good luck as you take on your new ventures!

19. Congratulations on another successful year in your career. May you take some time to reflect on your accomplishments and be blessed with continued growth and prosperity in the years ahead.

20. The best employee award shows just how much we love and need you. Happy anniversary.

21. Looking back on the year gone by, we couldn’t have done it without you, even if we’d tried. Though your efforts we could never repay, we have this one thing to say: you’ve made all the difference in every way!

22. With a team member like you it becomes easier for the company to achieve goals. Happy anniversary!

23. Thank you for being such a valuable member of the team. I wish you continued success in your career. Happy Anniversary!

24. Congratulations on completing 10 long years in our company. I wish this relation grows older, richer, and more intimate. Happy anniversary!

25. Success never comes in a day. It comes with strong determination and with great hard work, and you are an example of that. Wish you a Happy work anniversary.

26. It only feels like yesterday that you started working with us. Yet here we are, a year later. Congratulations on a brilliant first year!

27. Thank you for being part of our company’s success over the years. We greatly appreciate and value your hard work and success. Happy Anniversary.

28. Today is the day we celebrate. It’s the day you first joined us. Sharing work with you is always fun. Happy anniversary.

29. With each passing year you bring creativity, professionalism, and a strong work ethic to our organization. We are so grateful to have you and wish you the best as you continue to excel in your career.

30. You being our senior have always been the source of inspiration for us. May the coming years in this organization be more prosperous and fulfilling for you. Happy Anniversary!

31. On your anniversary with the company, we want you to know what a pleasure it is to work with someone so driven and dedicated as you are. Thank you for being such an important asset to our team.

32. If there were an award for worker of the year – you’d win it! Congratulations and best wishes on your anniversary

33. I think it is great that you do not have to compare yourself with someone else because nobody does the job as good as you do. I wish you all the best for your anniversary.

34. Your creativity and professionalism is what makes you different from the crowd. Hope you stay with us many more years.

35. I appreciate the way you take your work so seriously and you do it with great passion. May you have many more success in your life.

36. Wishing you 1st anniversary with our company. We can already see a leader in you so we wish you many more successful years to come.

37. On the anniversary of your time with us, it’s clear to us all that you’ve become so much more than that! Thank you for everything you do!

38. 20 years of working for the same company! Truly amazing! Congratulations on what is a real achievement.

39. An anniversary is a good occasion to look back on what you have done. You can do this with satisfaction and happiness because you have always done a very good job. You are one of the best colleagues and therefore we want to send you warm wishes.

40. Congratulations! I think all your hard work calls for a party!

41. This company’s future is sure to be bright with team members like you! Your hard work and creativity is an inspiration to all of your colleagues. Happy Anniversary!

42. Keep up all the good work! Happy anniversary and here’s to many more.

43. Your hard work and dedication are vital to the success of our organization. Thank you for many wonderful years of service!

44. Work’s a pain but you make it look so easy! Well done and best wishes on your amazing dedication.

45. You are the best and we all know you are going to get the award of best worker of the year. We wish you happy work Anniversary dear!

46. Your dedication and hard work are an inspiration to us all. We’re so happy to call you not only our coworker but our friend. Congratulations!

47. Sharing our work with someone like you makes the days seem to fly, it’s true. But there’s one day we’ve marked to celebrate each year.The anniversary of the day you first joined us here!

48.  Being comfortable and happy in your work is all anyone can ask for. And after all these years you clearly fit working here like a glove! Congratulations on so many amazing years of work.

49. We wish you all the best for your 10th anniversary and hope that you will stay for another 30 to 40 years. Happy anniversary!

50. To my partner in crime and desk buddy – congrats to another year in the rat race. Have a happy work anniversary!


Special anniversaries are good as in a sense they denote a sense of achievement. They also signify the commitment of the couple towards each other. Good.

40 Thoughtful Work Anniversary Wishes for Colleagues at Work

best wishes for company anniversary

Office anniversary is a very special moment so it becomes your responsibility to make the moment happier. So you can use the following text to congratulate your loved ones. Get here Congratulations Message For Office Anniversary.

Congratulations Message For Office Anniversary

  1. I don’t know how you do it. You appear to never get worn out, convey magnificent work so you get extraordinarily refreshing. You ate just excessively eminent for this group. So thank you and upbeat commemoration!
  2. You have worked with us for a long time and we can’t disclose to you exactly the amount we are thankful for your administrations to us. It would be ideal if you proceed with the diligent work and the undiminished commitment!

Congratulations on Your Office Anniversary

  1. All your colleagues need to disclose to you that we are grateful for every one of your useful tidbits, all your thoughtfulness, and all that you have done to make our workspace gentler in such a significant number of ways. Cheerful commemoration.
  2. We are happy to the point that there is nobody else you can attempt to contrast yourself and in light of the fact that honestly, nobody can deal with this activity as incredible as you do. We want you to enjoy all that life has to offer for your commemoration.

Congratulations on Your Office Anniversary

  1. It would be ideal if you continue moving us on the years that will come. What’s more, we trust you know exactly the amount we require you, regard you and esteem you as our associate. We trust you have a ton of fun in your commemoration today!
  1. Here’s to all the best out there for you on your tenth year and here’s another cheer for you since we are trusting you will remain an additional 50 years! You are the best worker this organization at any point had.

Congratulations on Your Office Anniversary

  1. So I thought back on the year that has quite recently gone by and understood that we couldn’t have achieved that without you regardless of whether we attempted. Cheerful commemoration!
  2. I know we can never reimburse your endeavors yet we have to reveal to you this: you have had each effect in this organization in each conceivable way to make the most of your commemoration day!

Congratulations on Your Office Anniversary

  1. Upbeat commemoration! We trust that we will see a greater amount of you in the next years to come since that is exactly the amount we adore you!
  1. Today denotes the twentieth year you have worked with all of us, we are sitting tight for more years to go through with you since you are an astonishing individual! I am sending you best work commemoration wishes.

Congratulations on Your Office Anniversary

  1. Today is your commemoration and it is a decent time to think back on the things that you have done. You gave us such a great amount of satisfaction amid your stay so please drag out your stay here.
  2. We adore cooperating with somebody like you since you influence us to feel as though we are experiencing our fantasies while we are wide wakeful so I trust that you keep doing only that.

Congratulations for Office Anniversary

  1. We need to reveal to you that we wish you the best in all that you do and as today denotes your 30th year at work, we enjoy seeing you are still as eager as ever.
  1. Consistently, despite everything you stun us through your commitment to your work even following 15 years has cruised by. Much thanks to you for that and cheerful commemoration to you and your work!

Congratulations for Office Anniversary

  1. Nobody can ever carry out your activity superior to anything you do as such please continue working and sparkling in your picked field. Here are my earnest work commemoration wishes to you!
  2. The product of accomplishment is the way that your associates you so much and that is on account of you are adorable and astounding!

Congratulations for Office Anniversary

  1. I knew you would prevail from the main day we met! It has been a long time from that point forward and takes a gander at how fruitful you have moved toward becoming! Cheerful commemoration!
  1. Congrats on being advanced to a higher position particularly since today is your commemoration. It appears to be today is brimming with gifts and joy for you!

Congratulations for Office Anniversary

  1. You influenced us to discover that working with a group implies seeing each person and taking a gander at them in break even with the way and existing together gently. Much obliged to you for that!
  2. We want you to enjoy all that life has to offer for your commemoration and we trust that you continue doing the things you cherish in light of the fact that we need you to be glad consistently!

Congratulations Words for Company Anniversary

  1. Your grin is infectious so from this day forward, it would be ideal if you continue grinning and making us content with it. Cheerful commemoration and we trust you appreciate this day since it is yours.
  1. Take some time off today since it is your commemoration at work and it is the ideal opportunity for you to go out and celebrate. You work excessively, you compulsive worker! Have a fabulous time and carry on with the life.

Congratulations Words for Company Anniversary

  1. We as a whole know exactly the amount you cherish your activity since we can see it in you consistently you go to work. With so much energy, we wish you the best in your commemoration today.
  2. Did you realize that with a specific end goal to discover more about a man is to take a gander at the work he is doing? On the off chance that he does extraordinary, he adores his activity. We see that you do as such glad work commemoration to you!

Congratulations Words for Company Anniversary

  1. We as a whole know exactly the amount you adore this activity so amid this commemoration, I trust you take some time off and unwind a tad.
  1. Continuously locate the splendid side in all that you do and continue searching for it with the goal that regardless of to what extent you work, 20 or 30 years, you will continue having a great time.

Congratulations Words for Company Anniversary

  1. You simply need to continue working increasingly hard at your 8 hour day by day work and who knows, perhaps you will multi-day be the manager and discover that supervisors work 12 hours every day.
  2. We as a whole know you to be the brightest individual in the room, the one that can illuminate everybody by simply grinning. So continue fulfilling our days for the numerous more years to come.

Congratulations Words for Office Anniversary

  1. Now and then, you simply need to go for broke too at last escape the give in you are in and simply observe the sea coming to you in waves. Glad commemoration and I trust you have a fabulous time today.
  1. Commemorations influence you to recollect the things you did previously, the general population you have met, the general population who left and the ones who remain so continue working your absolute best.

Congratulations Words for Office Anniversary

  1. You require not be any other individual in this world since you are the best there ever is and you are the best there will ever be for us and this organization so upbeat work commemoration!
  2. Many individuals have attempted and fizzled and what you have done and achieved on the grounds that they are very bustling endeavoring to discover issues when you were continually attempting to discover the arrangement. Upbeat commemoration!

Congratulations Words for Office Anniversary

  1. The most ideal approach to establish an incredible connection is to do every one of the things you do with flawlessness, with your best exertion and everything that is in you and that is precisely what you do. I sent you cherishing work commemoration wishes!

Congratulations Words for Office Anniversary

  1. I wish that achievement tails you wherever you go and that you generally keep that shine of yours. I trust that you achieve your objectives and that you remain in this organization for the numerous years to come upbeat commemoration!

Congratulations Words for Office Anniversary

  1. Quit contemplating the errors you have made in the past in light of the fact that you can never return and change it. For this commemoration, simply think about the distinction you can make sooner rather than later.
  2. Most offices hear each other’s words, you hear each out other’s heartbeats. The vast majority of them appreciate each other’s looks, you supplement each other’s spirits. A large portion of them focus on every others’ lives, you have focused on every others’ fantasies. Upbeat commemoration to a marvelous office.

Congratulations Words for Office Anniversary

  1. Glad commemoration. I do see that regardless you cherish each other by heart after this much time. May you get numerous more glad minutes. Glad Anniversary to an incredible office!
  1. Sending all my and all the best as upraise one more year of adoration and warmth for each other. May you cherish keep on holding solid and develop with the death of the ages. Upbeat Anniversary!

Congratulations Wishes for Office Anniversary

  1. Here is wishing you both the best life brings to the table and a long and happy coexistence.
  2. Congrats for another great year of falling in an office job with each other. Cheerful Anniversary!

Congratulations Wishes for Office Anniversary

  1. Commemorations are the most joyful snapshots of life that ought to be commended in a way worth recollecting. Offer your thanks and send altruism messages to new and beautiful Marry. Office.
  1. It is an amazing idea to share all warm and wonderful commemoration wishes with your friends and family to know your sentiments on this huge day of their lives.

Congratulations Wishes for Office Anniversary

  1. In the event that you are thinking “what to write in a commemoration card to the office,” at that point here are some best cheerful commemoration messages for office to send on their commemorations and favor them with delight and joy until the end of time.
  2. The responsibility of a can take altered assemblies, contingent upon whether life is aping quiet or tempests. In some cases, it can be an attractive bunch, here and there.

Congratulations Wishes for Office Anniversary

  1. It can be a gentle string. Notwithstanding what it is, I believe your lives overflow with delight. Cheerful tribute.
  1. Yours is impeccable than appears on sentimental motion pictures and books, Happy Anniversary to the excellent office.

Congratulations Wishes for Office Anniversary

  1. Wishing u all the satisfaction and on the planet and congrats on your commemoration.
  2. Expectation u discover time to think back on the entirety of your sweet recollections together.

Congratulations Wishes for Office Anniversary

  1. The office is much similar to home. Each of the three proceeds to enhance and refine themselves with time. Glad commemoration!
  1. Endowments to the cheerful office! May your responsibility extends, your happiness increment and your affection become more grounded from this day forward.

Congratulations Wishes for Office Anniversary

  1. This earth-shattering event denotes the beginning of your coexistence. May the excursion be an upbeat one loaded with peace and concordance, bliss and giggling, sentiment and enthusiasm. May your continuing adoration be the crown gem that ties together all the rest. All the best!!
  2. It gives you a chance to disturb one exceptional individual for whatever is left of your life. I am happy your discovered your unique individual.

Congratulations Wishes for Office Anniversary

  1. May your affection resemble a sparkling star, lighting up even the darkest of times. Support your adoration, satisfaction, and expectation each honored day of yours. Congrats!

Congratulations Messages For Company Anniversary

  1. May your adoration accumulate with the intensity of a tempest, so your future coexistence can be watered by its unending chuckling and satisfaction. Congrats on your office anniversary.

Congratulations Wishes for Office Anniversary

  1. A major praise for achieving this flawless breakthrough of matrimonial rapture. We implore that support and fortunes may tail all of you the times of your association.
  2. May each day you share extend and fortify your affection as you go with each other too much more joyful more seasoned years. Congrats!

Congratulations Wishes for Office Anniversary

  1. Maybe your watchword in both great and tough circumstances. Offer your adoration as companions and as an office, in light of the fact that in evident conjugal kinship you are more grounded, more fearless, and more euphoric. Congrats!

Congratulations Messages For Company Anniversary

  1. I have dependably had this inclination that you were intended for each other. Congrats, and I seek you remain this cheerful after whatever is left of your lives.

Congratulations Wishes for Office Anniversary

  1. You are really fortunate to have discovered each other. Congrats! I wish you much bliss.
  2. Cherished is the zenith of satisfaction and wealth. May you never dismiss this valuable fortune in the entirety of your days together.

Congratulations Wishes for Office Anniversary

  1. Congrats to you both and may you convey the delight of this cheerful day near your heart as you travel the street of coexistence.

Congratulations Messages For Company Anniversary

  1. Wanting you to enjoy all that life has to offer for what’s to come. Remain together dependably. Wishing you both the joyfully ever after you so particularly merit. Congrats and all the best!

Text Msg for Congratulations Images for Office Anniversary

  1. Wishing you the simple best as you design your lives together. May your coexistence be loaded with all the correct fixings: a stack of adoration, a dash of funniness, a pinch of sentiment, and a spoonful of comprehension. Congrats to you both!
  2. May your life and times together dependably be honored with affection and care. Generous congrats to the both of you on your commitment.

Text Msg for Congratulations Images for Office Anniversary

  1. Congrats both of you on your commitment! While its nothing unexpected to the individuals who adore you.
  1. This time in your life is loaded with bunches of affection and euphoria and in addition numerous long stretches of startling happiness! Anticipating the of the year. Spare a move for me!

Text Msg for Congratulations Images for Office Anniversary

  1. Yours is so superb and your satisfaction can be seen flawlessly from your grinning faces. You are the most joyful I have ever observed.
  2. I wish you a cheerful and cherishing life ahead, continue loving each other until the finish of life. Glad Anniversary to the lovely!

Text Msg for Congratulations Images for Office Anniversary

  1. I to see s who adore each other indiscriminately. Multi-year has passed and your adoration is as yet same for each other. May your consistently resemble your day.
  1. Perhaps it is time you take a three day weekend since you have been working excessively from day 1. A cheerful 365th day at your work in this organization, you should have been recognized for all your diligent work.

Text Msg for Congratulations Images for Office Anniversary

  1. The main time that open door will come thumping at your entryway is the point at which you really go out there and scan for it. Nobody gets accomplishment without doing anything.
  2. Glad commemoration! We trust that you will continue being a similar individual you have dependably been, adoring, mindful, and continually instructing us to act naturally.

Congratulations Messages for Achievement

  1. Continue furnishing us with the secrets of the individual that you are, we adore that about you, the way you don’t care for us investigating your life. Glad work commemoration!
  1. Possibly the time has come to reveal to you that the more arrangements you locate, the better it is for our organization, so upbeat commemoration to you!

Congratulations Messages for Achievement

  1. Try not to give anybody a chance to prevent you from achieving the simple best of the stepping stool, continue going. We are ideal here behind you supporting you from beneath. Cheerful work commemoration!
  2. Much thanks to you for continually being there each time we require an ear to tune in, a comfort in times of dire need and arms to hold us. You are our rescuer and we wish you have a ton of fun in your work commemoration today.

Congratulations Messages for Achievement

  1. Indeed, even I can hardly imagine how multiyear has just cruised by. It appears to be just yesterday when you moved into your office. I figure time flies when you are having some good times.
  1. You are the best thing that has ever happened to this organization so we trust that you proceed with your stay here until for eternity! Upbeat commemoration to you!

Congratulations Message to Boss on Anniversary of Company

  1. We have all observed you seek after your fantasies, connect for the best in things and develop. So as you keep on spending the years here, we couldn’t thank you enough. Glad work commemoration.
  2. You do your work completely, without needing to inspire anybody yet yourself and by doing as such has set standard with us. Much obliged to you for being you all through every one of these long stretches of your remain.

Congratulations Message to Boss on Anniversary of Company

  1. Possibly it is time you get some rest, you had worked so hard today, once more. On your commemoration, simply stay put and take some time off work. Regardless you have a considerable measure of years to work here.
  1. We simply need you to know how grateful we really are for you being here, on the grounds that you have been a standout amongst other workers this organization had and we need you to continue being here for an additional 20 years.

Congratulations Message to Boss on Anniversary of Company

  1. These work commemoration wishes are composed for a great individual who cherishes her or his work and continues buckling down, each and every day. Remain with us as we continue including more work commemoration messages each day.
  2. Cherish each other and you will be upbeat. It is as basic and as troublesome as that. Congrats on your commitment. Wishing you a great coexistence loaded with bunches of bliss and satisfaction. All the best.

Congratulations Message to Boss on Anniversary of Company

  1. Wanting you to enjoy all that life has to offer for what’s to come. Remain together dependably. Wishing you both the joyfully ever after you so particularly merit. Congrats and all the best!
  1. Wishing you the simple best as you design your lives together. May your coexistence be loaded with all the correct fixings: a stack of adoration, a dash of funniness, a pinch of sentiment, and a spoonful of comprehension. Congrats to you both!

Congratulations Message to Boss on Anniversary of Office

  1. May your life and times together dependably be honored with affection and maintenance. Generous congrats to the both of you on your commitment.

Congratulations Message to Boss on Anniversary of Office

  1. Congrats both of you on your commitment! While its nothing unexpected to the individuals who adore you, may this time in your life be loaded with bunches of affection and euphoria, and in addition numerous long stretches of startling happiness! Anticipating the of the year. Spare a move for me!

Congratulations Message to Boss on Anniversary of Office

  1. Your office is so superb and your satisfaction can be seen flawlessly from your grinning faces. You are the most joyful office I have ever observed.
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Anniversary wishes: what to write in an anniversary card

best wishes for company anniversary

Reminding someone of the day they said “I, do” is always an important part of celebrating an anniversary and reaffirming lasting love. In addition to marking the calendar and planning festive activities, it’s important to remember that it’s sometimes the smallest gestures that go the longest way. When you’re sending an anniversary card, the words you choose to inscribe can add remarkable joy unlike any other. Whether you are celebrating your own anniversary, looking back on the fifty years your parents have cherished together, or wishing friends a happy anniversary, we have you covered. Check out our quotes and advice below for what to write in an anniversary card.

Don’t feel overwhelmed when you put pen to paper. Our guide includes more than just anniversary messages to help make your anniversary gift even more special. We have the writing advice to back them up. No matter what the occasion or whom the recipient, create an anniversary card that is guaranteed to pull at the heartstrings with these sample anniversary messages, tips, and tricks.

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Step By Step: What To Say In An Anniversary Card

What you write in an anniversary card will depend upon who you are addressing the card to. Whether you are looking to offer a toast, share a special memory, or just say a simple ‘Congrats,’ you’ll want your anniversary wish to be heartfelt and reflect your relationship with the recipient(s). Follow these tips to help guide you through what to say in an anniversary card.

  1. Address the recipient(s). You’ll want to start your wishes off on the right foot! Due to the fact that writing anniversary card messages is more often than not a very personal process, you’ll want to stay away from the simple ‘Dear, so-and-so’ greeting. For a couple you’re close with use their first names “Jane and John.” If you’re writing the card to your parents “Mom and Dad” is best. When it comes to your own anniversary card, using pet names to address your significant other can add the personal touch you’re looking for.
  2. Draft a personal message. Use a few lines of the card to share an inside joke or add a moment you share with the lovebirds that you cherish close to your heart. A special moment like this will ensure your card is tailored to reflect your bond with the honoree(s).
  3. Write an anniversary wish. Take the next few lines to wish the couple well for the future and celebrate what it holds.
  4. Add an anniversary quote. Resonating with a piece of advice or sentiment from someone you look up to is always inspirational to read. Let the professional authors, poets and iconic names elevate your anniversary card to remarkable.
  5. Don’t forget to mention any wedding anniversary milestones. Each and every passing anniversary marks a unique celebration of love, but there are those milestone years that are extra special. Think first year anniversary, fifth, 10th, 20th, 25th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 55th, and 60th. Be sure to incorporate this special new number somewhere in your greeting.
  6. Don’t forget to say “Happy anniversary!”
  7. Finish your greeting off with a warm closing. You’ll want to finish your card just as the way you started it, on the right note. Before signing your name use a warm closing to wrap up any anniversary message. For example, you can choose between one of the following or use your own (Warmest Congratulations, With Love to You Both, All life’s Best to You, Happy [20th]!)

Happy Anniversary Wishes and Anniversary Card Sayings

When it comes to your happy anniversary messages it’s not just about the amount of words you use, but more about the thought put behind them. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your anniversary card greeting short and sweet, but you should try to include something specific about the couple if possible. Use these sample anniversary messages to help you create your own perfectly tailored greeting.

  • You have loved one another through all these years. May your love continue to bring you joy as you celebrate your anniversary of love and togetherness.
  • Happy anniversary to a beautiful couple! May the freshness of your love always remain.
  • No one and nothing in this world is perfect…but the two of you are as close as it gets! Happy anniversary.
  • An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow. Happy anniversary!
  • The happiness you share is a precious gift. Happy anniversary to my favorite smiley faces.
  • Happy Anniversary to you two! Hoping for many more years of happiness.
  • The happiest of anniversary wishes to the both of you. I hope you have a wonderful day and year.

Anniversary Wishes To Husband

The pressure to say the right words seems to increase when you are trying to draft an anniversary quote for the him in your life.  But, there’s no need to stress! Let your husband know just how much you adore and cherish your relationship with these perfect words. Whether he is the type of guy who would appreciate a sentimental reflection or the type to love a funny anniversary wish, these messages should get you started showing your husband just how much he means to you.

  • Thank you for being my husband, my partner, my lover and my best friend. Happy anniversary!
  • All these years, you have been amazing. As a dad to our kids and as my lover, I have been happy in your arms and I could see that we’ll be happier for the rest of our days. Thank you for everything. Happy anniversary, my darling.

Work Anniversary Wishes for Colleague - Are you looking for work anniversary Image Source - 3127555/ Happy anniversary and yes, you are the best!.

50 Appreciative Work Anniversary Wishes and Quotes for Employees and Peers

best wishes for company anniversary

 Ilse Aigner, Wirtschaftsministerium:

My warmest greetings to the Regensburg International Short Film Week, which will be taking place for the 20th time this year and celebrating an important anniversary.  I wish all participants and visitors interesting and culturally enriching  film enjoyment!



Ludwig Artinger, Freie Wähler:

Congratulations on 20 years of the Short Film Festival. In the name of all the Regensburgers who are interested in culture, I would like to thank those responsible – many of whom are volunteers- for creating such an important festival for contemporary art.  A successful example of what is possible with idealism, creativity and limited city funding.  I wish the International Short Film Week continued success.

Ralf & Stefan, Blink And Remove:

Dear Short Film Week,  We wish you all the best on your anniversary.  Our favorite festival is turning 20, but never boring.  It is always an honor to be able to contribute a few quick cuts to the Party in person.



John Canciani, Kurzfilmtage Winterthur:

I wish the festival all the best!!! It is always amazing to see how much power, and heart and soul the Regensburg team puts into their work.  It is nice to have friends that stand up for the short film and at the same time take a social stand.  Raise the glasses to more wonderful years together!




Hannes Eberhardt, Odeon:

Dear Short Film Week, Wow- now you’ve got a 2 in front.  If you didn’t exist, I don’t know what I would do.  All the best and a big thank you to the organizers, because without them we could not celebrate a birthday. HÄPPI BÖRSDÄI from your Hannes.



Martina Griesshammer, BMW Werk Regensburg:

A heartfelt congratulations to the 20th Regensburg International Short Film Week!  I am very pleased that as the main sponsor the BMW Works Regensburg has for many years been able to contribute to the continued success of the festival.  I wish all the best to all those involved and a special thank you to the short film team for the exemplary organization!



Achim Hofbauer, Altstadtkinos:

The Short Film Week always brings up many pleasant memories – I hope many more will follow!





Heimspiel – Das Regensburger Filmfest:

Happy 20! The Team from Heimspiel warmly congratulates the organizers of the Regensburg Short Film Week on their proud anniversary! We are looking forward to a varied week of interesting films, film-hungry guests, fast music and interesting discussions. To the next 20!


Maike Mia Höhne, Berlinale:

Copyright Simone Scardovelli

HAPPY REGENSBURG for such a great Week
Full of Ideas and Images
Recommendations and Impressions
Records on Plates
Films on Walls


Jürgen Huber, Stadtrat:

Even though the International Short Film Week has always been international, it is also tightly connected to the here and now. I have always liked that. Surprising films from East Bavaria compete with filmmakers from far far away. That’s what makes the cool atmosphere.


Andreas Komes, BMW Werk Regensburg:

Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of the Regensburg International Short Film Week!  It is wonderful that the festival is so successful and has made a name for itself in the European short film scene.  I am truly looking forward to many exciting and entertaining films!




Timo Lauber, one4two Filmproduktion Regensburg:

The Short Film Week in Regensburg is a great international short film festival because it includes everyone, from young amateurs to experienced professionals. As a film producer one gains a lot when one meets all these other creative people in Regensburg. I know from my own experience how it feels to develop a passion for film and then see one’s own production on one screen with big international productions. It is these first steps you remember the most. For me, short films are a part of culture and for their producers they can be a real big step into the industry. In this sense: Happy Birthday Short Film Week!

David Lindner, Produzent:

Dear Insa, I would like to sincerely congratulate you on your 20th short film week in Regensburg. 20 weeks full of art and entertainment, 20 weeks full of laughing and crying, 20 weeks that always pass too quickly. I am glad that I could be part of several of these weeks. Thank you and all the best.





Wishing you lots of success for the 20th edition- the three from mdkw.




Jens Neundorff von Enzberg, Stadttheater:

Alfred Hitchcock once said, “I’m not 70, that’s a damn lie. I am two times 35, that’s all. Two times 35.” Dear International Short Film Week Regensburg – happy second 10th birthday! I am very happy that this festival exists. I used to hear enthusiastic reactions about this festival long before I came to Regensburg – and now I myself share these from my own experience.




Angela Plenkers, Volksbank Regensburg eG:

Congratulations to the Regensburg International Short Film Week on 20 years of enriching the cultural life in the region. We are happy to be sponsoring, along with the Mittelbayerische Zeitung, the Audience prize in the category “Together” film in the Window to the Region competition.  A thank you to the Short Film Team.  Working with you is always a very pleasant experience.



Stefan Reisz, Stadtmarketing:

20 years on the reel… admittedly, at the time, no one would have thought that the Regensburg Short Film Week would turn into a kind of “never ending story.” And in contrast to certain other remnants of that time, it doesn’t seem like time is taking its toll on the short film festival. Is that because of the untiring makers? Or because of the amazing audience? Or because of both? Probably… Along these lines “Happy Birthday,” let the film begin!


Prof. Dr. Klaus Schaefer, FFF Bayern:

Copyright Kurt Krieger 2011

We are looking forward to an inspiring film festival that is celebrating its 20th birthday this year and will certainly, once again, fascinate several visitors with its impressive program.





Holger Schellkopf, Mittelbayerische:

Getting older yet still young, witty and easy-going but at the same time deep and intelligent – the Short Film week is wonderfully successful at that what people would like to be.  And therefore it makes Regensburg at little bit more wonderful. Happy Birthday KufiWo – Here’s to you!




Martin Scheuring, German Films:

There are only a few festivals that are able to come up with such a perfect mix: an excellent film selection in competitions and special programs, many interesting guests from near and far, cheerful organizers, movie theaters with tradition, an interested audience, cult moderations, good atmosphere and lively partys.  Not to forget the wonderful city! Dear Arbeitskreis Film e.V., dear former and current Short Film Team: Heartfelt Congratulations on your anniversary!

Christian Schlegl, parliamentary leader of the CSU:

The International Short Film Week is turning 20. That is a reason to celebrate. I have always followed this cinematic treat with great interest and amazement. Amazement because of the high diversity that you can find here, away from standard cinema. Serious, cheerful, absurd, and eternally valid stories come together in short film. Short films expand viewing patterns, broaden horizons, and give banalities metaphysical meaning. Short film is art. And we need art to survive. Along these lines: ad multos annos!


Sven Schwarz, IKFF Hamburg:

A Regensburg coffee cup on the desk and the Kinokneipe lanyard on the keychain- that really means something when you always have another festival on your mind.  A big fat congratulations to the Short Film Week and the whole team on your anniversary edition from the North. You are fantastic and we are happy that you are our friends.



Jan Soldat, Filmmaker:

Dear Regensburg Short Film Week, I wish you all the best! Strength, prudence, and confidence in your fight against mental impoverishment! Continue being awesome! All the best, Jan!





Sorry Gilberto (Musicians):


 Marcus Spangenberg, Art Historian:

Oh no! Is it true that already 20 years went by since I first visited the Short Film Week? While I’m no longer that young and active as I was at the end of my studies, the festival appears radiant like a typical tween. A mix of adolescent recklessness, first signs of adult life, a good mood for party, and openness for spontaneous love are all vital parts of the Short Film Week in Regensburg. And this only thanks to the pain-resistant passion of some relentless fans of motion picture who cannot stop spending weeks in dark, isolated rooms in order to find the best out of thousands of productions for us. A huge thanks for this. Please continue your hard work and show us the „short“ excellence of the world of film.


Natalie Spinell, Filmmaker:

Happy Birthday Regensburg International Short Film Week- All the best for the next 20 years and thank you: I have always greatly enjoyed the pleasant, warm atmosphere there.




Jörn Staeger, Filmmaker:

Dear Insa, all the best for the 20th birthday of your great festival! Warm regards from Jörn Staeger




Säm Wagner, Mittelbayerische:

The Short Film Week is an incredibly likeable, lovingly curated and artistically valuable cultural highlight that fits to Regensburg very well. All the best on your 20th birthday!




Klemens Unger, Kulturreferent:

This year the Regensburg Short Film Week is celebrating its second decade and 20th anniversary edition. For over 20 years the festival has been a meeting place for an enthusiastic audience and filmmakers from throughout the world.  Every year the remarkably energetic festival team is able to create an innovative film program.  This dedication and creativity is responsible for the Short Film Week’s great success.  We can be very proud of this format that enriches the cultural life of Regensburg- that makes its more colorful and entertaining.  It has become an affair of the heart – not only for me- but for all of Regensburg.  I want to thank all of the organization teams for the last 20 years and am looking forward to enjoying this unusually multifaceted, artistically valuable 20th edition with you and all the other film enthusiasts, which this year will touch our hearts even more.


Jutta Wille, Ag Kurzfilm:

Dear film enthusiasts from Regensburg, even though the festival’s teen years are over now, I hope your vigor, creativity and courage for provocation stay with you for a long time. Let’s pop the bottles on that!



Joachim Wolbergs, Bürgermeister:

It’s the 20th anniversary of the Short Film Week. My sincerest congratulations! The Short Film Week is a vital part of the cultural scene in Regensburg and every year attracts an audience from all over the world. The international nature of the festival creates a special atmosphere and style. I’m looking forward to the events!



Thomas Zink, DonauEinkaufszentrum:

Dear makers of the Short Film Week, for the past 20 years, you have been enriching Regensburg’s cultural landscape every year with a qualitatively appealing and highly interesting program for a diverse target group. With the festival you have been contributing to a nationwide prominence of Regensburg where you can no longer be struck off of the events calendar. Also for the further future do I wish you all the best!











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